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9:23 AM, Jan 22, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Josh Marshall on health care: "Let's say it's among the Undead."

What could have motivated the military recruitment center shooter in Arkansas? It was so unclear. He's now claiming al Qaeda ties: "I wasn’t insane or post traumatic nor was I forced to do this Act,” Muhammad said in a two-page, hand-printed note in pencil, according to the Times. "The attack, which he said did not go as planned, was “justified according to Islamic Laws and the Islamic Religion. Jihad — to fight those who wage war on Islam and Muslims.”

John Thune gets vocal about Obama strategy: “I think they think if they can create enough animosity toward Wall Street and corporate America, they get into this traditional sort of Democrat rhetoric and tap into the populist anger out there,” Sen. John Thune, South Dakota Republican, told The Daily Caller. “For Democrats to be successful they’ve got to create a sense of class warfare and an us versus them mindset.”

Bonus: Waxman-Markey dead, too.

I'm stealing this headline from Allahpundit. GE/NBC employee pretty mad about corporations.

Must-watch video: Jon Stewart totally destroys Keith Olbermann over Scott Brown.

Hugo Chavez thinks we used an earthquake machine to destroy Haiti.

Ayla Brown tells everyone to chill: “I think people are finally realizing he likes to joke around,” she said after Boston College’s 70-68 loss to No. 25 Virginia on Thursday night. “I think every daughter could relate to how I felt in that moment.”

Air America off the air.

Eugene Robinson: "If President Obama has decided to give up on health-care reform, he should just come out and say so. Then we could all get on with our lives -- those of us with health insurance, that is."

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