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10:32 AM, Feb 11, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Ahh, the tolerance of the Left. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming about how Tea Partiers and town halls will be the ruin of the nation.

Neat: A map of the U.S. by Facebook connections.

"For all the hype, uncompensated care makes up a relatively small amount of the nation's total health expenses; in 2001, for example, Whitman notes that, at around $35 billion, it accounted for roughly 2.8 percent of total health care expenditures."

Surprise: Anti-Tea Party site is union Astroturf.

Aww, Jake Tapper is taking Scott Brown to Washington prom.

Does Evan Bayh have a residency problem?

New 9/11 photos released.

Anne Hathaway, geek.

Cartoon of the day.

Meanwhile, in DC, John McCain and Joe Lieberman -- weather permitting, of course -- hold a press conference at noon ET to introduce legislation containing human rights sanctions for Iran. Yesterday, the Treasury Department “imposed sanctions … on a commander and four companies linked to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps of Iran, underscoring the Obama administration’s determination to single out the elite corps as a way to curb Iran’s nuclear program.”

Is this for real?

Barone: "So Obama was faced with a fundamental choice. He could either chart a bipartisan course in response to the economic emergency, or he could try to expand government to Western European magnitude as Democratic congressional leaders, elected for years in monopartisan districts, had long wished to do. The former community organizer and Chicago pol chose the latter course."

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