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8:40 AM, Feb 23, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Hey, you know what the "Party of No" has that the president doesn't? A CBO score.

Greg Mankiw on the Obama plan: "In other words, the new proposal would do less to bend the curve of rising healthcare costs and more to impede long-run economic growth."

It's come to this: Andy Stern on the deficit panel?

Cue the critiques of Palin for taking sides in the late-night wars: "Sarah Palin will appear on Jay Leno’s show next Tuesday night, the second new episode of the resurrected show."

Scott Brown voted for the jobs bill, and Ben Nelson against.

Cheney hospitalized with chest pains.

Obama beats George W.'s "days without a press conference" record.

Eugene Robinson: Full steam ahead on this health-care package everyone hates, Democrats!

Megan McArdle: No, progressives, passing Obamacare through reconciliation is not a good idea.

Obama's new plan takes a sledgehammer to his pledge that you can keep the insurance you have.

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