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8:22 AM, Mar 1, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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The curse lives: "During his whirlwind visit to Las Vegas two weeks ago, President Barack Obama mentioned U.S. Sen. Harry Reid by name four dozen times, gave him a big hug and talked him up as if he was a long-lost brother...A larger percentage of voters surveyed (17 percent) said they would be less likely to vote for Reid following the president's visit than said they would be more likely to vote for him (7 percent)."

Mitch Daniels, unassuming owner of two Harleys.

Great American mysteries: "We know that Mark Felt was Deep Throat, that the Skull and Bones society is just a bunch of drunk college kids... and no one even cares anymore about who killed Jimmy Hoffa. And now we know this: One of the world's greatest love songs of the past century was written about the gay guy who backed Bill Clinton and Cats. Thanks a lot, Carly."

"Arkansas Lt. Gov. Bill Halter announced Monday he will challenge Sen. Blanche Lincoln in this year's Democratic primary."

Kent Conrad on "Face the Nation": "I am the chairman of the committee in the Senate, and I think I understand how reconciliation works and can't work," he said, arguing that the so-called Byrd Rule would prevent the use of reconciliation for the main health care bill. "The only possible role I can see for reconciliation would be to make modest changes in the major package."

Ohio paper just cuts out middle man, runs Democratic press release with reporter's byline.

Pelosi: Passing the bill with both liberal and conservative Democrats is bipartisanship!

The Chile earthquake, in photos.

“Oy vey, I hate to admit it, but we would beat up local Jewish and Arab kids and homeless people.”

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