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10:20 AM, Mar 3, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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The making of a Marine: “Ultimately ... [it] was a duty I could not, and should not, leave for others to assume.”

Let the record show that I was a proponent of Jersey Shore punditry long before it was cool: "I don't know if we should be insulted or humored at the President's feeble attempts to incorporate Republican ideas into his latest health care proposal. Snookie, from the Jersey Shore, has more substance than President Obama's offer."

Congressional Black Caucus member Artur Davis vs. Rangel: "Representative Rangel has had a long and distinguished career and I respect his leadership. But I believe Congress needs to do more to restore the public trust," Davis said in a statement obtained by Fox. "An Ethics Committee admonishment is a serious event and Representative Rangel should do the right thing and step aside as Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee."

Obama to go nuclear on health-care reform.

Could price tags save American health care?

65 years later, Marines land on Iwo Jima again.

WSJ on health-care reconciliation: "Abuse of power."

Where's NOW now? The top 10 nasty attacks on conservative women

One child dies, baby girl survives shot to the chest from parents who had a suicide pact based on fears about global warming. Back to your regularly scheduled programming about wacko Tea Partiers.

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