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11:30 AM, Mar 12, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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NYT: "The [Indonesia] trip is unusual, experts say, in that there is no economic summit or other multinational gathering for the president to attend."

Dems planning to add nationalization of student loans to health-care bill.

"According to the poll, 48 percent of the population considers the seriousness of global warming to be 'generally exaggerated' — up from 41 percent last year and 35 percent in 2008, and by far the highest figure in the 13 years Gallup has posed the question."

Nice: "A government agency that finances U.S. exports directed 90 of its loan guarantees last year to subsidize one company."

The Scott Brown non-scandal Democrats never used to smear him: "It is a mystery. An opportunity to level a baseless smear against a Republican bypassed? Talk about a scandal!"

Bill Kristol was right.

Financial Times joins Newsweek on the pro-Iraq bandwagon.

"The Democratic-leaning group Americans United for Change says it will announce today a $500,000 TV and radio campaign to motivate African-American voters in support of the health-care bill."

Tricky Orszag: "According to a December report by Orszag's trusted arbiter, the CBO, the bill will either reduce the deficit or extend the solvency of Medicare, not both. (And for what it's worth, Medicare's chief actuary agrees.) Yet as recently as March 10—yesterday—Obama was claiming that his health care plan would "help ensure Medicare’s solvency for an additional decade." Great! But according to the CBO, that means the bill won't actually cut the deficit."

Could another round of town halls kill health-care reform for good?

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