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10:41 AM, Apr 5, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Betsy Markey, a pro health-care vote whose district opposed it 60-30, thinks the health care issue could fade by November.

DCCC ponders weighing in on special election in Obama's Hawaii hometown, where a former GOP longshot is getting competitive.

David Shuster reportedly filmed a pilot for CNN, which it turns out is not a good way to stay on the air at MSNBC. Who knew?

NYT tricked by April Fool's story meant to trick bloggers. Oops.

Our orator sets a record: "And because it is the run-on sentence against which all presidential run-on sentences will likely be judged for the foreseeable future, we had to share it with you straight from the White House transcript."

Public unions are breaking us.

Rep. Steve Cohen doing his part to stick with the Democrat Tea Party narrative. "Come for the finger-wagging about civility, stay for the George Wallace and Kristallnacht analogies."

Who's ready for a SCOTUS fight?

Click here for live-tweeting of a Marco Rubio conference call featuring Rudy Giuliani.

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