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11:03 AM, Apr 21, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Questioning the timing: Rep. Darrell Issa, the top Republican on the House Oversight committee, is demanding a slew of documents from the Securities and Exchange Commission, asserting that the timing of civil charges against Goldman Sachs raises “serious questions about the commission’s independence and impartiality.”

The Daily Grind

Son of Sarbox: "We hope Republicans stick together, despite Mr. Obama's unpresidential catcalls, because Senator Chris Dodd's bill looks to us like a souped-up version of the Sarbanes-Oxley bill of 2002—that is, a collection of ill-understood reforms whose main achievement will be to make Wall Street even more the vassal of Washington, raise costs across the economy, and do little to reduce financial risks. The rush to pass it even before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission finishes its work is about claiming one more legislative victory before Democrats find their majorities reduced or gone in November."

Obama: Washington needs to be more like California.

Good news: Democrats wrote budget resolution to allow them to pass all sorts of things through reconciliation!

Bernard Goldberg vs. Jon Stewart.

"I believe in sacrificing for freedom and I love America."

Good news: Twilight is changing baby naming.

Tea Party Express endorses Democrat in Idaho.

“Getting this award is the most significant thing that happened to Ezra since his bar mitzvah last week.”

"So much for the idea that Democrats were going to scale back and coast into the midterms. Consider: The Senate is furiously working to pass its financial reform legislation; the Kerry-Graham-Lieberman energy bill is supposed to be introduced on Monday; Sen. Scott Brown (R) said, per the Wall Street Journal, that President Obama told him Congress is going to move forward on immigration next month (does the new Arizona law almost force the White House's hand on this?); and then there's that little SCOTUS vacancy Obama has to fill."

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