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7:10 AM, Jun 25, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Richard Socarides: Ted Olson's better on gay rights than Obama.

The Daily Grind

J.D. Hayworth regrets telling people how to get that sweet, "free government money."

The Washington Post's Dave Weigel covers "conservative ratf**kers." It's a strange job description, but it's in his own words.

The House Rules Committee closed the doors on its hearing about a bill to promote "transparency" in elections.

Drilling war: "In dueling court filings late Wednesday, the government asked the judge who blocked the federal moratorium on offshore oil and gas drilling to put his own ruling on hold, while oil companies asked him to do just the opposite -- to speed up enforcement of his order, accusing the government of defying his ruling."

Good news: Congress will probably soon pass yet another giant overhaul of multiple national and international systems without knowing much about what they're doing.

Brennan on Americans turned Al Qaeda and "direct action" in dealing with them: "There are, in my mind, dozens of U.S. persons who are in different parts of the world, and they are very concerning to us."

It's cute when Obama does it.

Yes, let's rely on regulators to fix everything: EPA classifies milk as oil.

Neat: What storage for about two MP3s looked like in 1956.

Paul Kanjorski is fighting for all Americans, including "minorities" and "defective people."

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