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The Daily Grind: 'Congress Never, Ever Cuts Spending'

7:30 AM, Jul 22, 2011 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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Bloomberg: "Democrats Balk at Possible Debt-Limit Deal as Deadline Looms"

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MarketWatch: "Congress never, ever cuts spending"

Hot Air: "An executive order in the old Chicago tradition"

Chairman of Obama's national campaign finance committee tries to break up a union protes. Mmm, that's good schadenfreude!

Washington Post: "Huntsman campaign manager Susie Wiles resigns"

New York Times: "Sharpton Appears to Win Anchor Spot on MSNBC"

Politico: "Williams on NPR: Elitist and white"

Meghan Daum: "In the gossip about Marcus Bachmann, isn't it a little ironic that he's being hectored by people who regularly preach tolerance and rail against stereotypes?"

Harry Reid: Bill supported by 66 percent of American people is somehow worse than the Fugitive Slave Act.

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