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The Daily Grind: Debt Ceiling-A-Palooza!

7:30 AM, Jul 15, 2011 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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WSJ: "Bin Laden Plotted new Attack"

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Karl Rove: "It doesn't help that [Obama's] declared high-speed rail and even unspent stimulus funds as untouchable."

"Paul Ryan on Debt Negotiations: 'Grand Deal' Unlikely, 'Not A Fan' of McConnell Compromise, but Won't Rule Out Support"

Keith Hennessy: "Understanding the McConnell debt limit proposal"

Mickey Kaus: "How would this not be a defeat for Obama?"

New York Times: "Book Challenges Obama on Mother’s Deathbed Fight"

"At the rate this is all going, the Marine Corps Ball may very well become a bigger deal than the Oscars"

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