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The Daily Grind (Obamacare Edition)

12:45 PM, Mar 22, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Forthcoming: "While the subsidies don't start until 2014, many of the new taxes and insurance mandates will take effect within six months. The first result will be turmoil in the insurance industry, as small insurers in particular find it impossible to make money under the new rules. A wave of consolidation is likely, and so are higher premiums as insurers absorb the cost of new benefits and the mandate to take all comers. Liberals will try to blame insurers once again, but the public shouldn't be fooled."

The Daily Grind (Obamacare Edition)

Greg Mankiw: "The Obama administration's political philosophy is more egalitarian and more communitarian than mine. Their spending programs require much higher taxes than we have now and, indeed, much higher taxes than they have had the temerity to propose. Here is the question I have been wondering about: How long can the President wait before he comes clean with the American people and explains how high taxes needs to rise to pay for his vision of government?"

Video: John Boehner gets rowdy on the floor.

The disappearing pro-life Democrat.

“Yes we can became yes we did.”

Romney calls for repeal of health-care bill.

Inside the sausage factory: The deals that got it done.

In the states: "On behalf of the State of Florida and of the Attorneys General from South Carolina, Nebraska, Texas, Utah, Pennsylvania, Washington, North Dakota, South Dakota and Alabama if the President signs this bill into law, we will file a lawsuit to protect the rights and the interests of American citizens."

Stupak and other Blue Dogs partied at a Capitol Hill dive bar to drink to the end of their careers.

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