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Daily Kos, Defeatists

6:33 PM, Jun 6, 2011 • By DANIEL HALPER
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If commenters on the Daily Kos website are an indication of how the left wing will respond to Anthony Weiner's admission of guilt in sending lewd pictures to women, it won't end well for the New York congressman, who was once considered a rising star in the Democratic party. Here are a few choice reactions (and some of the most popular) of Kos commenters:

Mr. Weiner

You could have put this to bed without dragging it out for a week.  What the h*ll is wrong with you?

Please, don't come round here for a long, long while.

Breitbart appears to be vindicated.I'm so embarrassed for Weiner, and for all of us who defended him.

What a f****** idiot Has there ever been an instance of a member of Congress sending out sexually suggestive pictures of himself and it ending well? He had a really bright future ahead of him, and probably could have become mayor of NYC. When other Democrats were cowering in fear of the right wing, he took the fight to their faces. And now this.G**d*****...


Please, spare me the bagging on the media.

Weiner could have done this last week - h*ll - he could have gotten it over with during a holiday weekend... for that matter, he could have recognized that trolling the intertubes for cheap thrills probably isn't something a congressman should be doing.

Instead, he let a whole lot of people waste more than week's worth of time and breath defending increasingly bizarre explanations.

Screw him.

D*****bag, pure and simple.

oh good grief!

what in the world is wrong with elected officials?  don't they know that nothing they do is private?


I had my doubts about the self-appointed "Photoshop experts" here claiming to be able to analyze the pixels on the Yfrog photo.  Let's not go down this road again.

How could this be?! It was Breitbart!

A little bitter that few people here accepted the possibility that this could have happened.

Just because we may like certain politicians, we don't know them.  Their lives aren't our lives.   We should not be so certain that politicians were framed, simply because they're liberals.

That said, he should not resign.

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