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David Plouffe: Don’t Have to Be College Educated to Do Politics

4:28 PM, Feb 26, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER
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David Plouffe, a former advisor to President Barack Obama, tells a student newspaper at the University of Chicago that one need not be college educated to do politics. Plouffe states, though, that he thinks "everybody should have a college degree."

The students ask, "Do you think it’s necessary to have a college degree to get into politics?"

"No; I think that it’s not," said Plouffe. "We still have many elected officials who do not. The data is clear—college graduates are going to succeed economically in our country in a way people who don’t have college degrees are not. Having a college degree is the surest way to having a job, and the kind of job where you can support an income with a family. I think everybody should have a college degree, but, in terms of doing the actual job, this doesn’t just go for politics.

"It’s the combination of bringing everything you learned in the classroom and having a college degree that allows you to get a better job and to pursue further degrees. A big challenge now is we can’t have college keep going up five or six percent a year. The federal government can’t keep up with the rate of inflation from loans, and families can’t afford to. Getting college loans costs under control is going to be a crucial part of our economic future over the next few decades."

Plouffe left the White House last month.

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