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Dean Barnett, In Memoriam

6:28 PM, Oct 27, 2011 • By WILLIAM KRISTOL
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Today is the third anniversary of the death of our friend and colleague Dean Barnett. We loved him, and we miss him. But we are inspired by his memory--by his strength of character, his extraordinary courage, his gift for friendship, and his zest for life.

Dean Barnett

Dean would have loved this presidential election. He admired Mitt Romney and got to know his fellow Bay Stater when he volunteered for the 1994 campaign against Ted Kennedy. Dean believed Americans never got to know the real Romney in the 2008 presidential race. "I often marvel at how the public perception of Mr. Romney differs so radically from the man I know," Dean wrote in the New York Times. He later added in that piece: "He is a wonderful and gifted guy. It would be nice if he and his campaign allowed the voters in on that secret."

The respect was mutual. When Dean died, Romney said, "Over [the 1994] campaign and over the years that followed, I got to know Dean very well. And I learned why he was smiling--Dean was "wicked smart," as they say around here. He had extraordinary perspective and insight. He brought a lot more to our friendship than I ever could have imagined."

Here's a link to what we wrote about Dean three years ago.

And here are links to a few of his most notable articles for us:

His piece on candidate Obama's resume.

His tribute to the 9/11 Generation.

And his golf course design article, one of his favorites.

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