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In Defense of Mark Halperin (Sort Of)

There's a reason Halperin and many others had such a visceral reaction to the President's dishonest and cowardly press conference.

2:15 PM, Jun 30, 2011 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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Obama didn't have the courage to stand up on principle and really make a well-rounded case for tax increases. Instead, he flung a calculated soundbite at Republicans designed to demonize them. If one actually felt that Obama was standing up for his beliefs, I don't think Halperin would have said what he did. The fact Obama's accusations against Republicans were so weaselly, in addition to unfair and mean, are why Halperin and many others had such a visceral reaction to Obama's press conference yesterday.

Relatedly, note Obama's unbelieveable answer regarding the National Labor Relations Board's decision to keep Boeing from opening a new factory in South Carolina to appease the company's union in Washington state. Obama completely punted on the NLRB, saying it was "an independent agency." Remember Obama's the guy that recess-appointed Craig Becker to the NLRB, a former labor lawyer with massive conflicts of interest who was rejected as too radical for the NLRB by a bipartisan vote in the Senate. The NLRB's decision is exactly the kind of thing that the business community warned would happen if Becker were put on the board. Now it's happening. Obama put Becker on the board because Big Labor spent over $400 million electing him in 2008 and he wants to keep them happy. But he did not actually publicly defend Craig Becker and organized labor's policy agenda. He doesn't have the courage to do that.

So, uh, fire in the belly? Really? Yesterday was a prime example of the president acting like Weasel-In-Chief.

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