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Delay or Defund?

9:13 AM, Aug 5, 2013 • By MICHAEL WARREN
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The Fox News Sunday panel debates the GOP's tactical divide on Obamacare, including the boss and Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint:

"On Obamacare, folks from the Tea Party wing including Senator DeMint say no funding the government unless you defund Obamacare," said host Chris Wallace. "Why are they wrong?"

"Well, they're right to want to fight Obamacare," the boss replied. "And they are right, I think, that the leadership in the House and especially in the Senate hasn't done enough to try to force votes, especially in the Senate, to defund parts of or delay parts of Obamacare. There are extremely vulnerable parts. And the House did a good job in trying to, and passing delays in both mandates, the individual and employer mandate and got Democratic votes. Senator McConnell on Thursday night has, I think, put it on the--tried to put it on the Senate calendar and vote this mysterious rule 14 that I don't understand, but I'm sure Jim does from these days in the Senate. And I think there might be a little force to vote in September. So, I give Heritage and I give Senator Cruz and Senator Lee and the others credit for pushing for fighting which is good. And I think there are more intelligent, perhaps, ways tactically to fight than simply saying, you know, we're going to defund all of Obamacare."

DeMint, the former South Carolina senator, argued that Obamacare's continued unpopularity means Congress should refuse to fund it. He disagreed that pushing defunding throug the continuing budget resolution would mean Republicans were for shutting down the government.

"Well, I wouldn't shut down the government," he said. "But if Obama wouldn't accept the funding bill for the government that fully funds the government because it didn't have his failed law in it, then he would be shutting down the government. And that's a case we're going to take to the American people in August through Heritage Action. We'll do dozens of town halls around the country. I'm convinced the more Americans know about Obamacare the more they will stand with those of us who want to stop it."

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