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Dem Panic Over Christie

4:42 PM, Jun 28, 2013 • By DANIEL HALPER
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An email "From the Stop Chris Christie Team," which is "Paid For By Barbara Buono for Governor," Christie's Democratic opponent, sounds a bit panicked.

"New Jersey is a solidly blue state. Problem is right now Chris Christie has everyone fooled into believing he is some kind of moderate. A majority of voters either weren’t sure or didn’t know whether he is pro-choice or not when in FACT he is NOT pro-choice – he is vehemently anti-choice! Worse, the same statistics hold true that registered voters are unsure on his position on marriage equality – when he VETEOD [sic] our law here in New Jersey," the email reads.

When you add it all up - it makes a blue state like New Jersey – pretty darn red?! That’s where you come in: we need the truth out and fast.

Sunday is our biggest deadline yet –all gifts today matched 2-to-1. Please give today to Barbara Buono’s race and defeat Christie in New Jersey now, instead of the fields of Iowa and New Hampshire. 

We are quickly approaching a critical deadline on Sunday – budget decisions are being made now. Fact is when we were able to go up on broadcast a few weeks ago – we moved numbers – but we need urgent funds to keep up the momentum.

Are you in? A gift of even just $3 can make a difference. Defeating Chris Christie in New Jersey would be a huge blow to his 2016 ambitions. We need you in this game now. All gifts are matched 2-to-1 today!

If this can happen in a blue state like Jersey – this can happen anywhere. I know lots of Democrats are asking for your cash this weekend before Sunday – but Barbara Buono needs you in this race now.

Together, let’s defeat Chris Christie in New Jersey and deliver a powerful blow to his 2016 ambitions. It’s time to get the truth out.


From the Stop Chris Christie Team

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