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Democratic Attacks Get Personal

4:10 PM, Oct 29, 2010 • By MICHAEL WARREN
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ABC's Jonathan Karl documents how Democratic attack ads recently have been nothing about the policy and all about the personal. Take, for instance, this snippet about a House race in Kentucky:

It's not just the Aqua Buddha and David Vitter's prostitute, Democratic candidates across the country are closing out the campaign with personal attacks on Republican candidates, sometimes digging up decades-old legal problems.

In one typical example, Democratic ads have transformed Kentucky Republican House candidate Andy Barr into "a convicted criminal" -- complete with images yellow police tape and fuzzy video of crime scenes. Not mentioned is his crime: As a college student 19 years ago, he was caught using a fake ID during spring break.

Here's the ad, from Democratic incumbent Ben Chandler:

Real Clear Politics ranks this race as a toss up.

Reason TV gives us some perspective:

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