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Democratic and GOP Senators Ask AG Holder to Try Detainees in Military Commissions

Bipartisan letter urges Holder to reverse course on KSM.

1:23 PM, Jan 26, 2010 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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The security and other risks inherent in holding the trial in New York City are reflected in Mayor Bloomberg’s recent letter to the administration advising that New York City will be required to spend more than $200 million per year in security measures for the trial.  As Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly know too well, the threat of terrorist acts in New York City is a daily challenge.  Holding Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s trial in that city, and trying other enemy combatants in venues such as Washington, DC and northern Virginia, would unnecessarily increase the burden of facing those challenges, including the increased risk of terrorist attacks.

As you acknowledged in your testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee in November, your decision to prosecute enemy combatants captured on foreign battlefields like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is without precedent in our nation’s history.  The challenges of containing and defeating international terrorism do not give us the proper moment to break that precedent.  Given the risks and costs, it is far more logical, cost-effective, and strategically wise to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in the military commissions that Congress and the President have now established for that very purpose.

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