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Democratic-Leaning Poll: America Would Be ‘Worse Off’ Under Obamacare

11:06 AM, May 26, 2011 • By JEFFREY H. ANDERSON
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The Kaiser Health Tracking Poll in May skews Democratic by 9 percentage points, yet its results among those who feel strongly (either way) go against Obamacare by 10 percentage points.  The monthly Kaiser poll includes 34 percent Democrats and only 25 percent Republicans. Despite this lopsided sampling, however, far more respondents hold “very unfavorable” views about Obamacare (29 percent) than “very favorable” views about it (19 percent). 


The Kaiser poll also shows the following: More people say they have already been “negatively” affected by Obamacare (18 percent) than “positively” affected by it (14 percent). More people think the following groups would be “worse off” under Obamacare than “better off”: middle class Americans, seniors, their given state, and the country as a whole. And 89 percent describe their experience with their current private health insurance plan as “positive” (to only 10 percent “negative”) — with 44 percent describing that experience as “very positive” and only 2 percent describing it as “very negative.”  

Again, these findings are from a poll that includes more than 4 Democrats for every 3 Republicans.  

Now, if Republicans would just produce that replacement...

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