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Top Dem Warns of New Menace in Obamacare Fight: Christian Scientist Shoe Salesmen

Blunt-Nelson bill would restore conscience protections that existed before Obamacare.

11:05 AM, Feb 15, 2012 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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As for Durbin's concern that a Christian Scientist shoe salesman might not offer insurance to his employees: So what? Christian Scientists are already granted a religious exemption from Obamacare's mandate that individuals must purchase health care. Why do Senator Durbin and President Obama want to force Christian Scientist business owners to violate their consciences? Aren't Christian Scientist shoe salesmen free to pay their employees in dollars rather than health care benefits?

It's clear that the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act has led both Democrats and Republicans to agree about one thing: The fight is no longer about contraception. It's not even a fight narrowly about religious liberty. It's a much broader fight about Obamcare's mandates and liberty.

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