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1:26 PM, Jun 18, 2013 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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There is a lot in the farm bill not to like, which makes it like every farm bill of the last half century. There are also, as Erik Wasson of the Hill reports, the usual absurdities, which opponents will try to carve out of the bill and, no doubt, fail in the attempt.  The larger the outrage, the more likely it is to survive.  So the government will continue to protect big sugar and non-competitive milk producers, which will result in a loss of American jobs and higher consumer prices.  

Some of the bill's smaller absurdities may be at risk.  These include spending taxpayer money for:

 ... wine tastings for foreign journalists and advertising for raisins.


... subsidies for sushi rice.

The most esoteric item up for debate would:

 ... establish a national standard for egg production [specifying]  that larger cages must eventually be used by egg producers.

Who says that Washington's urge to regulate has become pathological?  

That is, plainly, just crazy, wingnut, tea party talk.

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