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The Devastation That’s Really Happening in Colorado

7:15 AM, Jul 10, 2014 • By DAVID W. MURRAY and JOHN P. WALTERS
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What we saw in Colorado has the markings—the steeply rising curve—of a drug use epidemic. Epidemics subside, but after the outbreak, the populace often settles into a new normal, at higher levels of the disease. The damage is difficult to reverse, and of those caught in the outbreak, not all return. Are other states going to follow this leap?

If the president believes that there is some important medical and societal “experiment” going on with legal marijuana, he is simply not paying attention. The evidence to date is stunning. It is time to stop pretending otherwise.

John P. Walters and David W. Murray of Hudson Institute, direct its Center for Substance Abuse Policy Research.  They both served in the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

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