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Does the EPA Think Business is the 'Enemy'?

2:00 PM, Jul 6, 2011 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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Today, The New York Times weighs in on the challenges the Obama administration EPA faceso — especially with regard to enforcing carbon regulations. It contains this rather revealing bit about the EPA's mindset:

No other cabinet officer is in as lonely or uncomfortable a position as Ms. Jackson, who has been left, as one adviser put it, behind enemy lines with only science, the law and a small band of loyal lieutenants to support her.

"Behind enemy lines"? Who's the enemy here? If business interests oppose the de facto regulation of all economic output -- which is what EPA carbon regulations threaten to do -- are they considered the "enemy" at the EPA? And does that mean that if you oppose carbon regulations, you are against the "law" and "science"?

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