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Does the President Know the Way to San Jose?

5:15 PM, Jun 6, 2012 • By WILLIAM KRISTOL
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Mark Hemingway notes that, "While all eyes were on Wisconsin last night, few people noticed that...residents of both San Diego and San Jose voted to rein in exorbitant public employee retirement packages by huge margins. ... Also worth noting is that these measures had support from key Democrats at the local level."

obama walks alone

By happy coincidence, President Obama is in California today, in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Perhaps he should stop by San Jose and San Diego, and learn something about fiscal realities and the willingness of even Democratic voters and officials in California to adjust to them.

Nah. Might make him late for his fundraisers, where he gets to hang out with his people—the “progressive” wing of the one percent. If "San Jose" means coming to grips with reality, it's pretty clear Barack Obama doesn't know the way—and really doesn't even care to know the way—to San Jose.

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