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A Drone Strike for Assad

There is another reason for more robust U.S. action to topple Assad.

11:53 AM, Jul 16, 2012 • By LEE SMITH
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“After the invasion of Iraq in 2003,” says Fares, “the regime in Syria began to feel danger, and began planning to disrupt the US forces inside Iraq, so it formed an alliance with al-Qaeda," he said. "All Arabs and other foreigners were encouraged to go to Iraq via Syria, and their movements were facilitated by the Syrian government. As a governor at the time, I was given verbal commandments that any civil servant that wanted to go would have his trip facilitated, and that his absence would not be noted. I believe the Syrian regime has blood on its hands, it should bare (sic) responsibility for many of the deaths in Iraq.”

That is to say, the regime is responsible for many American deaths in Iraq. There is no reason to assume that the regime in Damascus won’t again use al Qaeda to target Americans, if it suits regime interests, as it did in Iraq.

The White House has used drone strikes to target al Qaeda regulars and those affiliated with the group throughout the greater Middle East and North Africa (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia)—a “kill list” that the president personally oversees. For many reasons, not least to compel more defections from the regime, Bashar al-Assad should be on that list. 

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