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Eating So Others Might Eat

Feeling guilty about dining out while others starve? One Washington restaurateur will make you feel better—the more you eat, the more Haiti gets.

2:00 PM, Jan 16, 2010 • By VICTORINO MATUS
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Chefs and restaurateurs have always been known for fundraising—Escoffier raised money for victims of the Titanic and, more recently, a woman donated $25,000 for cancer research and in return supped at the home of Jacques Pépin—so it's not surprising that someone like Ashok Bajaj is doing his part for the people of Haiti. Washington D.C.'s famed restaurateur (Ardeo, Bibiana, the Bombay Club, Oval Room, Rasika, to name a few) has decided to devote a month to raising money for the American Red Cross Relief for Haiti. But it is entirely dependent on patrons. All they have to do is eat. Look for certain highlighted items on the various menus (say, the veal meatballs in sugo finto at Bibiana) and a dollar from that entree will go to the Red Cross. The offer takes place from January 19 to February 19. So eat and feel good about yourself! (And for the record, no food has been exchanged for this item.)

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