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Elizabeth Warren Isn't the Only One

Confessions of an ethnic fraud.

10:30 AM, Apr 27, 2012 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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In any event, I imagine this bit of family lore gives me a bigger claim to being a Shoshone Indian than a lot of people who think they're of Native American descent. If you were to pull my college transcript today, I believe it will still reflect that I'm Shoshone. I'm not, but I hope some vestigial familial respect allows any members of that proud tribe to forgive me for claiming to be among them.

I've also never tried to use my false claims of ethnicity for any selfish purposes; on the contrary, I was quite public about all of this when it happened in June of 2000. I used the tale of my transcript to write a column for the American Spectator's website about false claims of ethnicity on college campuses. No one much cared about the column at the time, but I've long suspected ethnic impostors in higher education were far more common than people realize. Elizabeth Warren's family lore notwithstanding, I still think that's true.

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