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Elizabeth Warren: People Think I'm Capitalism's Savior

1:32 PM, Jul 30, 2012 • By MICHAEL WARREN
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Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren says Wall Street types tell her she could "save capitalism" if she wins her race for U.S. Senate. Here's what Warren recently told a reporter, National Journal reports:

“Every now and again, I meet with someone who’s been very successful on Wall Street, who says, ‘I want to support your campaign because I believe you will save capitalism. I believe in capitalism, and I understand there have to be rules. And they have to be consistently enforced.’ That’s what I think is at stake in this election.”

That’s a hefty assignment, the salvation of capitalism, but Democratic strategists, while cringing at the grandiosity of the statement, say she articulates her vision for the assignment as well as any candidate.

Warren, who is running against Republican incumbent Scott Brown, has said she "created much of the intellectual foundation" for the anti-capitalist Occupy Wall Street movement. And a video of Warren telling supporters that "nobody in this rich on their own" went viral with liberals last year and may have inspired President Obama's comments earlier this month that business owners "didn't build" their businesses.

Update: This post incorrectly stated that Warren said supporters called her the "savior of capitalism," when it fact she said those supporters said she could "save capitalism." The post has been updated to correct this mistake.

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