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Ends, Means … Whatever

3:32 PM, Dec 23, 2013 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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Since it has become plain that “If you like your doctor …” and “Reduce the average family’s premium by $2,500 …” were never serious prospects and that the people making the promises didn’t believe them, the defenders of Obamacare have taken a new line of attack that goes something like, Quit your whining, you people of privilege. As for instance, Kathleen Geier, who writes the Washington Monthly that:

... the losers’ problems — having to pay a bit more for health insurance, perhaps not having access to their preferred doctors (the kinds of things that were happening in the health insurance market all the time, anyway) — are trivial compared to the winners’ gains of going from no health insurance at all to, hallelujah!, full service health care.

The subhead to the story contains the phrase “Yuppie whine-athon.” So, then, the people who have seen their premiums rise (not all of them “Yuppies,” by the way), when the explicit promise was that they would be reduced, should be saying, Nice job. You really had me there.

And when the next set of promises are offered up, consider the source.

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