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Eric Cantor: 'It Is Not About the '67 Lines'

11:13 AM, May 23, 2011 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Like many others, John Adams marveled at the prospect of “a hundred thousand Israelites” returning to the Land of Israel and creating an “independent nation” in their ancestral and religious homeland.

One hundred ninety years later, Adams's vision has been realized. Never before in the history of mankind have a people, forcibly removed from their land for thousands of years, returned - just as the Bible promised.

In this time of extraordinary challenge for Israel and for America, we simply cannot afford to become complacent. We must rise to the challenge before us and shape history.

Israel deserves America's friendship in reality - not just in rhetoric. Words and promises come and go. 
Only deeds count.

There is a time for talk; but now is the time for action.

There is a time for dreaming; but now is the time for doing.

There is a time for following; but now is the time to lead--from the front.

For the survival of Israel, for the security of America and peace of the world, now is that time and right here is the place to begin.

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