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Evitable, After All

2:20 PM, Feb 10, 2012 • By WILLIAM KRISTOL
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Here's another interesting finding from the Fox News poll showing Rick Santorum surging nationally: Unlike GOP elites and large elements of the punditocracy, Republican primary voters are not eager to close down the race.

They're open to another candidate entering the field (by 49 percent – 48 percent); they don't think it's now time for one or more of the Republican candidates to drop out (by 54 percent to 41 percent); and, most strikingly, take a look at Question 41:

Which best describes your view of the race for the Republican presidential nomination?

It's over—Mitt Romney's definitely going to win: 17%.

It's not over—someone other than Romney could still win: 80%.

GOP primary voters at least think it’s all still rather evitable.

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