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Experts Urge Obama to Act on Syria

3:33 PM, Dec 19, 2011 • By DANIEL HALPER
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·       Establish direct contact with various anti-regime Syrian groups, especially the Syrian National Council, as well as those who have defected from the Syrian military, and evaluate their leadership and membership with the aim of increasing the capabilities of those groups whose political goals accord with U.S. national security interests.

·       Work with Turkey and other partners to establish safe havens in Syria, as well as no-go zones for the Assad regime’s security forces to protect civilians.

 In the absence of American leadership, other countries that do not necessarily share our goals and values are stepping in to fill the void in Syria.  Given the stakes, it is important that the United States lead on this issue.  The Syrian people are calling for protection from the Assad regime.  It is our moral obligation and in our interest to assist them.
As you said in the case of Libya, it is now time "to live the values we hold so dear." 



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