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Florida Election Results: Meek and Scott Win

12:33 AM, Aug 25, 2010 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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In Tuesday's Florida Senate primary, Democratic congressman Kendrick Meek defeated billionaire Jeff Greene by more than 20 points. This is good news for Republican Marco Rubio, who fares better in a three-way race with Meek and Charlie Crist than with Greene and Crist. Meek does more to cut into Crist's support than did Greene, who was widely viewed as an unserious partyboy.

In the gubernatorial primary, Republican billionaire Rick Scott edged Attorney General Bill McCollum by about 3 points, though McCollum has not yet conceded to Scott in what was a bitter primary. See Ken Tomlinson's WEEKLY STANDARD piece on Scott v. McCollum. Scott faces Democrat Alex Sink in the general election.

Update: Via Allahpundit, here's Marco Rubio's victory speech:

Here's Bill McCollum's chilly concession speech:

The votes today have been tallied and I accept the voters’ decision.

This race was one for the ages. No one could have anticipated the entrance of a multi-millionaire with a questionable past who shattered campaign spending records and spent more in four months than has ever been spent in a primary race here in Florida.

While I was disappointed with the negative tone of the race, I couldn’t be more proud of our campaign and our supporters for fighting back against false and misleading advertising when we were down by double-digits.

And here's a National Republican Congressional Committee memo on four Democratic seats they're hoping to flip in Florida: 

FL-02 (Rep. Allen Boyd, D)

After winning his primary by an unconvincing two-point margin, it’s clear that Allen Boyd faces the toughest race of his career this November. A so-called “Blue Dog,” Boyd has put himself in peril this Congress by voting for a failed stimulus, a job-killing cap & trade energy tax and flip-flopping on ObamaCare – leading directly to 700 job losses in Bay County. Boyd’s primary forced him to spend millions, and the cash-on-hand advantage he holds over the GOP nominee is no longer insurmountable.

Steve Southerland, a funeral home company owner, emerged as the winner in this competitive primary and is set to provide a fierce challenge for Boyd this November. A descendant of a Florida pioneer family and a lifelong resident of Panama City, Southerland has devoted his career to the prosperity and growth of Florida’s Gulf Coast. Being an active entrepreneur and small-business owner, Southerland has created jobs for North Florida families. He is well-aware of the disastrous effects that excessive taxes and government waste can have on working families. Guided by strong family-oriented principles, Southerland and his wife are committed to a better future for all Floridians and have been driving forces in charities that expand educational opportunities and strengthen local healthcare. This November, Southerland is poised to unseat Boyd, an out-of-touch career politician who is more concerned with toeing his party line than serving the constituents he was elected to represent.

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