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In Florida, Ryan Goes All In on Medicare

With mom at his side, Ryan hits Obama’s Medicare rationing board, makes positive case for reform.

2:05 PM, Aug 18, 2012 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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Ryan explained that “in order to make sure we can guarantee that promise for my mom's generation for those baby boomers retiring every day, we must reform it for my generation. To save it for this generation, you have to reform it for my generation, so it doesn't go bankrupt when we want to retire.”

Ryan pointed out that his plan for Americans 54 years old and younger is a bipartisan plan that “originated in the Clinton commission plan to save Medicare in the late 1990s.”

“It's a plan that says do not change benefits for people 55 and above, and for those of us who are younger, when we become Medicare eligible, we get a choice of guaranteed coverage options--guaranteed affordability, including traditional Medicare. So we get to pick a plan for us, when we retire, and that means all those providers compete against each other for our business, and we don't have to beg for the mercy of 15 bureaucrats whether or not we get our health care. We think the best way to save Medicare is to empower 50 million seniors, not 15 unelected bureaucrats to make their decisions how they get their health care. Mitt Romney and I will protect and strengthen Medicare so that the promises that were made, that people organize their retirements around like my mom, are promises that will be kept.”

Ryan argued that growing the economy and reining in the debt would help us keep that promise.

How did Ryan do? The crowd seemed to like it a lot. "The most important thing he can do is explain what he wants and what he's doing," said Pat Meyer, a South Florida native who now resides in the Villages. Meyer thinks Romney made a "great pick" in Paul Ryan. "He brought a lot of fire back" to the campaign, Meyer said of Ryan.

And what did "Boston"—i.e., Romney headquarters—think of the event? One source said, "'Boston' was nervous early this morning. They watched it on TV. At first they were relieved. Then they were excited."

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