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Food Fascists

8:31 AM, Apr 25, 2012 • By VICTORINO MATUS
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Food blogger, chef, and bestselling author Michael Ruhlman is once again up in arms (you might recall his previous rant against the anti-fat brigade). This time, a reader poses a dilemma about where to host a post-wedding luncheon considering several guests "have every variation of diet extremism from the paleo-diet to variations of the casein/gluten/lactose/sugar-free philosophies which means they are limited to brown rice, some grilled meats, and some fruits/veges."

Food Fascists

It was enough to make Ruhlman's blood boil: "The kind of boil my blood gets when I’m at a restaurant and I hear a woman, grilling the server suspiciously, saying, 'I’m allergic to lactose' and then later says, 'Ooo, could you wheel that cheese cart over here? Gawd, I love Epoisse.'"

To be sure, Ruhlman writes, "I do not believe in telling people what to eat. If you want to kill yourself with a raw food diet, go ahead. If you want to give up meat, good for you, seriously, I admire it (though have a hamburger or hot dog from a trusted source every now and then just so you can keep digesting; you did evolve this way after all)." That said, "foisting your diet on anyone or even talking about it in a way that even remotely self-serves or proselytizes, pisses me off.... We have reached such a pitch of food idiocy it makes me want to scream. Much of the idiocy is sparked by the media that seems to report on every study and trend that comes around the bend. That and an American population that simply cannot think for itself. People, you have six senses! The last one is common! Use it!"

It's worth reading in its entirety—and be sure to check out his related links.

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