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Foreign Policy Experts to Congressional Leaders: Enforce Iranian Compliance With Nuclear Deal

3:01 PM, Jan 9, 2014 • By MICHAEL WARREN
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Christopher J. Griffin

Lee Smith 

John P. Hannah

Henry D. Sokolski 

Peter R. Huessy

Dr. Ray Takeyh 

Dr. William C. Inboden

William H. Tobey 

Bruce Pitcairn Jackson

Dr. Daniel Twining 

Ash Jain

Peter Wehner 

Dr. Kenneth D. M. Jensen

Dr. Kenneth R. Weinstein 

Ambassador Robert G. Joseph

Leon Wieseltier 

Dr. Frederick W. Kagan

Dr. Dov S. Zakheim 

Dr. Robert Kagan

Roger Zakheim 

Lawrence F. Kaplan

Robert Zarate

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