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Gibbs: Obama 'Stopped Trying' to Change Washington Long Ago

8:17 AM, Jan 28, 2014 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Former press secretary Robert Gibbs said today on TV that President Obama and his White House "long ago" gave up on "trying" to change Washington:

Gibbs first thanked God that he's no longer working in this White House, then host Willie Giest asked, "But you know the president very well. We know what this poll says about how the country is feeling about him. How is he feeling about the country right now? I mean, this is a guy who came in five years ago saying change comes from outside Washington. We are going to break the fever, we are going to change the way Washington does business, we are going to get things done. And he's learned some pretty hard lessons in how Washington actually works or doesn't work."

"Well, I think, you know, the ability to change Washington, I think, is something that long ago the White House sort of stopped trying to do and whether or not that's a good thing, we will look back on history," Gibbs replied.

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