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Gibbs: Obama's No 'Strategy Yet' Admission a 'Wince-Able Moment'

7:32 AM, Sep 2, 2014 • By DANIEL HALPER
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Robert Gibbs, the first White House press secretary in the Obama administration, calls President Obama's "we don't have a strategy yet" comment about dealing with ISIS a "wince-able moment."

"Robert Gibbs, speaking of catching our breath," said the MSNBC host, "I'm just curious. Are there oxygen masks in the press secretary's office when the president says something like he said on last week where the oxygen masks drop and you can catch a deep breath before you go talk to him? I mean, that obviously -- we all know it was a slip. But that obviously, everybody in the White House had to gasp when he did that, right? You've been there. ... He's human--mistakes are made."

"I think whenever you have to go out next and say what somebody meant to say or what somebody was trying to say means you're trying to explain that wince-able moment that you see," Gibbs said this morning. "Unfortunately, there are not oxygen masks and there's no one to tell you fasten your seat belt because there is turbulence in the area."

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