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Gibbs: You Don't Have to Have a Bill for Republicans to 'Hold it Hostage'

7:06 PM, Sep 30, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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TAPPER: -- you don't need the support of the Republicans in the House to pass anything.                                                                          

And the conversation ends with a delightful "What are you? Chicken?" moment, leading Gibbs to nearly go all McFly in the briefing room. Well played, Bif Tapper.

CHUCK TODD, NBC NEWS: Do you think it's responsible to wait until the lame-duck session to do this?                                                                      
GIBBS:  Do I think it's responsible to wait for the lame-duck session to pass the middle-class tax cuts?  No, I thought the Republicans were irresponsible and held the middle-class tax cuts hostage

TAPPER: So all they need to do is issue a press release and you guys will back off any fight?                                                                       
GIBBS:  I don't understand your question.                                     
TAPPER: All they have to do is say, "The Republican Caucus is not going to support this," and Democrats will just say, "Oh, okay.  Well, then we're not even going to try."                                                    
GIBBS:  No.  Again, Jake, I'd -- you're making the existence of one piece of legislation the beginning or the end of this entire fight.  I think that's kind of a silly concept.                                                                                      

I've excerpted a lot of it because it's pretty entertaining, but watch or read the whole thing. Maybe it's time for Gibbs to take the advice of a certain vice president and "quit whining" until they've got his own party under control.

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