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Good Enough for Government Work

2:04 PM, Mar 14, 2014 • By GEOFFREY NORMAN
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Not exactly a victory lap when, as the AP reports, the president says:

… enough people have signed up for health care to make his signature law work.  

And that he:

… tells medical web site WebMD that the 4.2 million people enrolled for this year "is already large enough that I'm confident the program will be stable.”

"Stable.” And recall that this was supposed to be a program that would cover the millions of uninsured (30 million, maybe) and may leave that number unchanged – at best. Also, under this plan, you were supposed to be able to keep you doctor if you liked your doctor … and so and so forth.  

Then, it was supposed to be affordable. Says so, right there in the title.  And, as the president has said, it is –as long as you get rid of some of the other things in your life. This is almost self-evidently true and not much solace for people who were led to believe that “affordable” meant “cheap.” The thing is, health care is not cheap and never will be. Obamacare was an attempt to finesse the question of who would be stuck with those big bills. Those who were – or would be – are not, unsurprisingly, happy.

Still, the program will be “stable."  Let’s have a parade.

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