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Environmentalist students gather to change the system.

12:34 PM, Apr 29, 2011 • By MICHAEL WARREN
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We jumped into a conversation about how to become better white allies, and I discovered an additional, unspoken rule: snap your fingers, like beatniks in a coffee shop, to show approval. A subtle wave of such snapplause passed every time a student spoke up with a white ally platitude, like “diversity is not equality” and “don’t interact with people from a place of guilt.”

There was plenty of discussion about “white privilege” and the “oppressor-oppressed dichotomy,” but it wasn’t exactly clear what any of this had to do with the environment. Luckily, Langer Smith had the answer. “One day, I just started writing down how white privilege causes climate change,” she said. “Everything from silence to white supremacy to the ignorance of about a whole, like, side of not just your community, but you know, like, the world.” Not long after that, I decided to practice some self-care by getting up and leaving.

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