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Gunman's Web Postings Show Longtime Hatred for Discovery, Overpopulation Alarmism

3:30 PM, Sep 1, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Discovery is the enemy. They must be protested into saving the planet and reducing their propaganda. But if you feel that this is wrong, then don't show up. You're welcome to stay at home and watch TV or do whatever it is you do.

And if I look like an idiot, so what? But I won't fail in this. This is going to happen and Discovery is going to change their course and start saving the planet. I will never personally feel like an idiot for trying.

His username is also connected to a meet-up group for Daniel Quinn devotees called the "Friends of Ishmael." A man named Lee, with a misterfifteen e-mail adress  seems to have started his own chapter in San Diego in 2006, called "World Guardian Voices." The site for his group is archived here, with a notice of an upcoming meeting at a Borders book store to talk about global warming and overpopulation.

He even offered his e-mail address for anyone who'd like to "schedule a speech."

Lee's MySpace page offers similar rants, and an odd array of pictures, mostly of owls, apes, Darth Vader, and Bugs Bunny. He lists among those he'd like to meet, "Environmentalists, scientists, readers of Daniel Quinn, and people who want to work toward a real change."

As of now, there are no casualties in Silver Spring, as negotiators continue to talk to the armed Lee.

This YouTube video is allegedly of Lee's 2008 Discovery Channel protest, in which he tossed cash in the air to attract a crowd:

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