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Happy Earth Day to the Entrepreneurs!

The business of conservation.

5:40 PM, Apr 22, 2010 • By MARY KATHARINE HAM
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Logan now sells the digesters in several countries around the world for $500,000 a pop from his company Eagle Green Energy. A cleaner chicken farm, a richer farmer, and a healthier local economy all with minimal (if any) taxpayer money. (The article doesn't specify whether Logan got federal environmental grants, but we'll count the professors' research time as some state money involved.)

And, how do we spur more of this kind of conservation? Most liberals would say we should start subsidizing chicken poop digesters for everyone and their momma. But the EPA's assessment suggests there might be an easier and cheaper route:

The Environmental Protection Agency has been promoting the use of manure digesters since 1993. But a complicated patchwork of local, state and federal energy policy rules has discouraged people from using them, according to Chris Voell, an EPA program manager. He says with some changes, "instead of 130 digesters around the country, there could be thousands of digesters."

Republicans should be the ones arguing for regulatory structures to be streamlined and demystified so more conservationist small businessmen can help conserve the Earth and the economy.

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