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7:35 PM, May 11, 2010 • By JOHN MCCORMACK
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Dems deploy lots of cash and Bubba to Western Pennsylvania district full of clingers of Bibles/guns/xenophobia.

Happy Hour Links

SurveyUSA poll of California's GOP Senate primary: Campbell 35, Fiorina 24, DeVore 15.

Utah's Bennett considering write-in candidacy.

The Washington Post profiles Jim DeMint.

Judiciary Chairman Leahy gets angry when asked if he'll release Kagan's Clinton era memos.

George Will: L.A.'s pension nightmare.

Pope Benedict on sex abuse scandal: "The greatest persecution of the Church doesn’t come from enemies on the outside but is born from the sin within the church. The church needs profoundly to relearn penitence, accept purification, learn forgiveness but also justice."

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