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Happy Hour: Obamaflation Has Arrived

7:00 PM, Apr 26, 2011 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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"Obamaflation has arrived, and this is what it looks like."


...and once again the Obama administration is attempting to turn Atlas Shrugged into a documentary.

This article has an, uh, interesting comment section.

"The day corresponding to that peak, an all-time high of $145.16/barrel, was July 14, 2008. By some strange coincidence, that was the very same day then-President George W. Bush lifted, by executive order, a federal ban on offshore oil drilling."

"Hal Rogers’s 'empire' of nonprofits under scrutiny"

"Could that high-paying job be a corrupt use of taxpayer dollars to reward a labor boss whose union has been helpful to Senator Ruggerio, who keeps Ms. Paiva Weed in power?"

The last typewriter factory in the world closes its doors.

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