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Happy Hour: Gates Does Damage Control

7:00 PM, Apr 4, 2011 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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Jennifer Rubin: "Gates's spokesman does damage control"


Eric Holder's not so happy about having to give terrorists military trials.

"Elite U.S. Counterterror Forces Facing Cuts"

Does the government care if American firms violated the law by lobbying for Qaddafi?

"Why Hillary Clinton must run in 2012"

REO Speedwagon covers? If I can't trust Huntsman's taste in music, how can I trust him with nuclear weapons?

Steyn tees off: "The real ‘racists’ here are not this no-name pastor and his minimal flock but Reid, Graham, and the Times — for they assume that a significant proportion of Muslims are not responsible human beings but animals no more capable of rational behavior than the tiger who mauled Siegfried’s Roy. If that is true, certain consequences follow therefrom. The abandonment of the First Amendment is not one of them."

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