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Happy Hour: Unemployment is a Joke

7:00 PM, Jun 13, 2011 • By MARK HEMINGWAY
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Of course he does: "Obama Seeks to Win Back Wall St. Cash"


$800 billion in taxpayer cash didn't create any jobs? That's HILARIOUS: "Obama jokes about 'shovel-ready projects'"

Anthony Weiner: Car registration and fees are for the little people

"White House calls Weiner's sex scandal a 'distraction'"

"Peter Beinart Laments That We're Not Sufficiently Moved by Rep. Weiner's Suffering"

Peter Suderman: "Is ObamaCare's Medicare Cost Control Board Unconstitutional?"

Mexican cartels have taken cruelty up a notch: "kidnapping bus passengers for gladiatorlike fights to the death"

"Why We're Going Back to Single-Sex Dorms"

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