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Herman Cain and Godfather's

4:31 PM, Oct 11, 2011 • By MICHAEL WARREN
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The Omaha World-Herald has a profile of presidential candidate Herman Cain's time at the helm of Godfather's Pizza:

Cain's speech-making was his most visible role at Godfather's, which today is a steady performer with 620 locations in the tough restaurant franchise business.

Some of those who worked with Cain during his 13 years in Omaha say he was a hands-on leader of a team of managers and shares credit for stabilizing the company, particularly for his inspiration and his focus on marketing strategies that worked....

When he arrived at the company, Cain said in a telephone interview while campaigning in Virginia, there were low expectations, economic dangers and a lack of leadership.

He said he assessed problems, put together a management team and pursued solutions. As a national candidate seeing a nation with the same problems, he said, he has assessed problems, set priorities for solutions and, if elected, would form a team to put them into effect.

In interviews and speeches in Omaha as early as 1988, Cain said Godfather's was close to bankruptcy until he and his management team turned it around, and he repeats the statement during the campaign. "We turned it around with common-sense business principles."

Read the whole thing here. Also, be sure to read John McCormack's profile of Cain from the June 20 issue of THE WEEKLY STANDARD.

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